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Can the kangaroos get involved? Australian boxing gym wires trainer bikes

“The five spin bikes in my studio have been modified to generate electricity when pedaled,” says Surry Hills Boxing Gym owner Danny Morgan.  “A small generator attached to the front of the bike sends electricity directly back into the power grid through an inverter. The setup does not affect the performance of the bike.

“A person of average fitness can maintain between 50-100 watts when exercising at a moderate pace.  The system is OHS (occupational health and safety) and energy Australia approved.” Read more here about Australia’s first eco gym.


ReRev is a company working to capture human current from exercise

We are retrofitting gym equipment to make carbon neutral energy in a safe, fun, and healthy manner.  We efficiently and cost effectively capture the kinetic motion of aerobic exercise which is converted into clean energy that feeds back into the local utility’s power grid.  This is just the beginning of the revolution.

We have developed a low cost method for rewiring every brand of cardio equipment. The energy produced by these machines is currently being emitted as a heat byproduct, counteracting the HVAC system. We wire the machines to instead deliver this energy to a central collection unit which converts the DC power to 240/208 Volt 60 Hertz AC which can be sold back to the exiting network. One machine can produce 150 watts on a continual basis. If this current was instead being emitted to the ambient air as it is now these black 10 omh resistors above would stay at ~140 degrees F…  For more information, click here: http://www.rerev.com/index.html