About Russ Klettke and Human Current

Russ Klettke is a veteran triathlete, bike commuter and stingy user of energy.  He is old enough to have experienced energy awareness in the 1970s, when the Carter Administration installed solar collectors on the roof of the White House (which President Reagan removed).  Now a business writer, certified fitness trainer and author (“A Guy’s Gotta Eat, the regular guy’s guide to eating smart” with Deanna Conte, MS RD LD, Marlowe/DaCapo Press 2004), Klettke believes the convergence between human and earth health is a natural progression.

Human Current is a place for people interested in both personal physical fitness and the health of the earth to share ideas.  Marketers call us the LOHAS demographic – “lifestyles of health and sustainability.” It’s a natural connection for anyone giving conscious thought to either issue.  What’s good for the body, the mind and the soul is probably at odds with the unfettered use of fossil fuels.  We know the benefits of reducing our carbon footprint – and quite often, it means we get more physical exercise ourselves. Consider the environmental impact of driving a car in heavy traffic 30 miles each way every day; then, compare that to walking a mile to and from a train station at the beginning and end of each workday.  The reduced fuel consumption makes the earth healthy, while the walking improves physical and mental health.

What is sharing?  If you’ve read an article or observed some version of exercise that either reduces use of grid electricity or captures energy that is reusable, post on the blogs.  If you have an invention you think should get noticed, post that as well.  And by all means, if you are an entrepreneur or company involved in creating and marketing greener health and fitness technologies, tell the world about it on Human Current.

Contact: RussKlettke@gmail.com.


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