Exercise bikes create usable electricity at The Green Microgym in Portland

“WE DID IT!  It’s a small step for us, but now the two spin bikes by the stereo are sending electricity back to the “grid”.  No switches or batteries to mess with, just straight electricity right back into the building.  This has been a goal since I started thinking about The Green Microgym, so I’m very excited!  Now we’ll continue working on getting all the ellipticals grid tied, and continue to improve our efficiency and results.”

This is from The Green Microgym in the Alberta Arts disctrict of NE Portland, among the world’s first fitness/health clubs generating a significant portion of its own electricity.  A 2,800 square foot neighborhood gym, it is equipped with Team Dynamo and Spin bikes that are capable of collectively generating 350 watts of electricity (in addition to rooftop solar panels generating an average of 8 kilowatt hours per day in often-cloudy Portland, SportsArt EcoPowr Treadmills that use 30% less electricity in their operation and other eco-friendly features).  Learn more about what owner Adam Boesel created here.


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